My readings offer inspiration, spiritual guidance,
and practical solutions. Most clients seek a
relationship reading, career reading, health
reading, or personal prediction. Many the request
is about"my job in life","my love life", or self

My sessions begin by listening to your needs and
helping you to ask the right questions. I then use
clairvoyance, visioning, the I Ching, and
tarot, when appropriate, to help us get the divine
images, or message from God.

As a spiritual master, I offer makes use of
clairvoyance with elements of the I Ching to help
you see and think with clarity. Any topics can be
set up for a phone reading by simply calling me
at (800) 592-2733 to get started.
All readings are based on the principle that the deeper mind has
better ideas than we do, that its ideas are available to us, and that
conditions can be understood and controlled by the power of this
mind. With clarity, spiritual healing takes place.

About Dr. Allen's Background    

In most cases
there is nothing to be healed,
only the truth to be revealed

Before changing my career path over twenty years ago to do the
spiritual intuition work I do now, I worked as a university professor,
business school dean, and statistician in the banking  industry. After
training with the Berkeley Psychic Institute and several divinity
schools, my second, and current career as a clairvoyant psychic has
evolved into helping clients get messages from God. I am now a
spiritual master on a mission to find spiritual solutions to practical
problems and ways to bridge intuition and spirituality.

I have given more than 25,000 consultations/readings to 2,000
clients. I have led many visioning sessions and  presented numerous
workshops on new thought visioning, clairvoyance, the I Ching, and
practical mysticism over the past three decades. The registered name
of my business, Aquarian Institute, is identified as a
counseling/teaching center for intuition and spirituality. My latest book
Catching God's Thoughts: Visioning with Elements of the I Ching
and my learning-by-doing course titled
Catching God's Thoughts is
now available as a 10 compact disc set with teleconferences.

All persons are mystics who
can be transformed at any time
by an encounter with the Divine
Howard Thurman

Spirit Centered Work

I believe that anyone who embraces their intuitive and spiritual nature
may receive divine thoughts and power. My approach is to help clients
listen to the deeper mind, or mind of God. When we ask the right
questions and listening to what the divine has to say, we can know its
wisdom and know God directly. I have come to a place in
consciousness where the perspective of oneness and catching God's
ideas is the foundation of my life work. I have come to know that
since all life emanates from the same source, clarity and healing take
place when we return to this source.

My unique method draws upon of clairvoyance, the I Ching, tarot,
astrology and client dream interpretation to collect complete and clear
wisdom from the deeper mind.

Wholeness does not shut one
out from the world, but gathers
the world to oneself.
           C.G. Jung  

I have found that just because some people have mediumistic
capacities and some are highly psychic, this does not necessarily give
them access to every region of the the Mind of God.
On the contrary,
we can only access what corresponds to our own level of
consciousness, thoughts and desires. Long story short, each individual
receives the degree of wisdom from  clairvoyance, the I Ching, tarot,
dream interpetation, visions, etc., that matches his or her level of

  Intuitive Readings: Clairvoyance with the I Ching, Tarot
                                by Allen David Young, MCS, PhD

                                                         Telephone  800 592-2733